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About Us

Welcome to the Illinois Red Angus Association. Whether you have a large herd or a small herd, all of our members share a common interest in the promotion of the Red Angus breed. Our membership is open to anyone interested in the breeding, raising or promotion of the Red Angus breed.


The Illinois Red Angus Association is a group of like-minded breeders in which you can develop relationships with and share ideas for improvements to operations as well as assisting in the direction of the breed!


The Illinois Red Angus Association’s purpose is to develop the breeding and marketing of Red Angus cattle in Illinois and surrounding areas through participation in programs of research, education, and production.  We also encourage and assist Junior Red Angus members in their endeavors.

Why Red Angus?

Red Angus females are in high demand from commercial producers far and wide. Their longevity, fertility, adaptability and efficiency, coupled with their good disposition, make them the ideal cow for today’s producer.