Illinois Red Angus

Welcome to the Illinois Red Angus Association.

Our mission is to support our breeders through promoting the Red Angus breed in Illinois as well as across the United States. 

What do you get for being a member of the Illinois Red Angus Association?  The most important benefit of being involved in the Illinois Red Angus Association is being able to communicate with like-minded breeders, develop relationships with those breeders and learn ways to improve your operation as well as assisting in the direction of the breed! You will find links to member’s emails or web pages on our Members Page, links to our officer’s contact information on our Officer Page and Links to valuable information about the Red Angus on our Links Page. In addition, all Illinois Red Angus Association and Illinois Junior Red Angus Association members will receive a bi-annual newsletter from the association to give the most up to date happenings in the ILRAA, which you may also find copies of on our Newsletter Page.

We hope this site will provide you with information to not only contact our members but also answer questions about the Red Angus breed.

Why should you choose Red Angus?  Three good reasons!!

Maternal traits –Reds tend to be naturally calving ease with a great rate of milk production making them excellent mothers whom produce heavy weaning calves.

Reproduction traits- Reproduction is the one of the biggest factors to influence profitability. The more calves you have on the ground at the end of the season, the bigger the potential economic benefits. Red Angus breeders have focused on increasing the performance of their cattle, but have not lost sight of the importance of calving ease. As a result, the genetic trends of Red Angus show a strong increase in growth with only a small change in birth weight. Red Angus cows are easy breeders who deliver live, vigorous calves and breed back within a very short time.

Disposition – The gentle dispositions of Red Angus cattle make them a pleasure to own and work with no matter of age, locale or operation.  Because of their gentle dispositions, many young people enjoy involvement with Red Angus cattle in junior shows throughout the nation in 4-H, FFA and open shows.  These are the Red Angus breeders of the future and the future of the Red Angus breed.

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